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I've always had a fascination for how music was made. It wasn't until I got into certain artists, however, that I grew a huge appreciation for creative processes that took on a different approach to music making.


I spent quite a few years studying music/studio techniques from artists like Imogen Heap and Kimbra, falling in love with the idea of being in charge of your own artistic vision and creativity. Those artists helped me to begin utilizing various sound libraries, heavily edited and manipulated loops, and other sounds to add another level of magic to composed music.


I long to put my listeners on a musical journey - using light, airy vocals to tie all the "madness" together. I like to think of my music as "adventure music".  I draw inspiration from natural/extra terrestrial elements, such as stars, the moon, space itself, and even nature! These elements help my music to embody the ebbs and flows of energy and emotion.


On top of the influences already mentioned, I'm deeply inspired by artists like Bill Laurance, the dynamic duo Chloe x Halle, AURORA, and countless movie/game soundtracks.


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