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"Redemption" is an emotional track off of my EP that takes on two meanings. On one hand, it deals with the reuniting of two people after they've fallen away from each other, taking into account all the good and bad that their love comes with, yet still holding together. On the other hand, it also deals with a person's struggle with their own feelings for someone else before finally coming to the realization that they need that person in their life; a second chance (redemption) at finding love.

"THE OTHER SIDE" is a song that will be on my upcoming album, OMNIVERSE. This particular song has a special place in my heart because of where it takes me throughout its progression

"Hi, Hello"

"Hi, Hello" is the first song of my EP, The Dances of Us. Originally, this was going to be called "First Sight". This was one of my favorite tracks to produce for the project!

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