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Starting the Journey

Making the decision to be an indie artist was one of the best, yet scariest decisions I've ever made for myself. Yes, I had inspirations, lots of encouraging words thrown my way that I could do anything I set my mind to, but actually going forward with the plan to make my dream a reality was something I didn't think would be possible. Not until now.

My journey started with my acceptance into one of the best creative schools in the country - Full Sail University. A family friend had recommended this school to me while I was helping him lay down vocals for his upcoming project. At the time, I was already attending a university in-state. I had expressed to my friend that even though the school I was attending was a great university, it still didn't have the career fields I was longing for. For a while, I felt hopeless - like nothing was going quite right. But once I got that congratulatory email of being accepted into Full Sail, I finally felt my sense of hope.

The road to getting my degree in music production was a hard one. While getting through two (plus) years of learning, I had dealt with so much loss. Going through that caused me to fall into a state of depression - a depression so bad that it effected my study habits. I had many setbacks, had to repeat some classes, and had to have my original graduation date pushed back as a result (a side of the classic "come up" story that doesn't often get talked about). However, though setbacks delayed my inevitable victory, they never stopped them. That fact fueled my desire to keep going.

After many long nights, unwanted sacrifices, tears, and stress, the day finally came when I graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in my dream career - music production. My first step to fulfilling my dream was complete. My second step; laying the foundation for my career as an independent artist. What makes my dream so exciting for me is knowing how complex it really is. Being a successful indie artist isn't the only avenue I want to take. I want that title to open doors to many other paths - film scoring, voice acting, producing for other artists, opening a record label, and, above all, creating programs for young musicians/artists/producers to help cultivate their gifts to further the music industry.

When you have a big dream, never doubt the ability you have to achieve it. There'll be some who will try and get you to settle for a reality that's more "attainable". You have the power to make your dreams attainable. Manifest your goals into existence by praying, having faith, and applying the work to make that faith and prayer come into fruition. When you feel yourself getting weary, ask God to strengthen you. I called on him a lot during this first step of my journey, and he never disappointed me! Write out the vision you have for yourself. Write out your business plan, do the necessary research, set out small goals that can be reached within a short time period that can eventually turn into big goals, connect with people who can get you into the right circles. But most importantly, always turn to prayer and ask seek heavenly guidance.

Anyone can make their dreams come true. You just have to believe in yourself and put in the work.

- MimiQ

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Anton Crucis
Anton Crucis
04 juil. 2023
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Happy to hear you were able to F.I.G.H.T. through all the challenges and depression with the help of God, church, family, and friends. Keep it going, one foot in front of the other, you'll be astonished by how far you've come and all you've done.


Marquetta Wright
Marquetta Wright
03 juil. 2021


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